Putting the class back into mas

David Brown

David Brown is an award winning carnival designer at Notting Hill. He has designed for Masquerade 2000 for the last 20 years. David has promoted and introduced carnival arts to schools, community groups and the corporate world. With over 20 years of experience in carnival design, production and numerous carnival related commissions, he is one of this country’s leading carnival arts designers. He has also had substantial experience in social care and care management, primarily in the fields of learning and physical disabilities - this experience has been extremely valuable as David specialises in creating large scale wheelchair and scooter costumes for the physically disabled.

Judith Brown

Alongside David, works Judith who also has over 20 years of experience in carnival arts. Her areas of expertise are in music, dance and dress making. She has worked for various music companies and has a background in DJ-ing. She specialises in Soca music and DJs for Utopia Creative Arts in Bedford. She also runs workshops in cultural dance for children in schools and other community groups, including adults with learning and/or physical disabilities. As a qualified seamstress she plays an important role in the production of costumes and joint input in the design features of costumes. Judith also has over 20 years of background experience in education with a focus in SEN (special educational needs), mentoring programs and supporting students at risk of exclusion.

Susan Walters

Susan Walters, known to friends as 'Suzy' joined Utopia in 2009 with her two children who love carnival as much as she does.


When not attending carnivals, Susan works as Newham College London as a Beauty Lecturer, as well as being an educator for three leading companies within the nail and beauty industry. Susan also has 15 years of experience within her field.


Since 2009, Susan has provided make-up services at carnivals for Utopia, as well as volunteering her time to help make costumes.

In 2013 Utopia approached Susan and asked her to be their London representative, taking inquires and bookings from anyone who wishes to play carnival with utopia in the London area.




MGT are a collaboration of two students Tyrisha and Shana-Rochelle, who are currently studying: Media Studies, Graphic Design and Photography. Coming from two different parts of the UK (Bedford and London), Tyrisha and Shana-Rochelle became friends whilst playing carnival with Utopia. During early parts of July 2013 Tyrisha and Shana-Rochelle, approached us with the request of documenting our pre-carnival experience to help with their media project. Since then Tyrisha and Shana-Rochelle have come together to form MGT and volunteer their time to market Utopia Creative Arts whist being active members of Utopia Creative Arts.



Martin Collins

Martin Collins has been with Utopia mas since 2009. He became involved with the group when his daughter joined the band, Since then Martin has provided us with his expertise  in photography. Martin has provided us with some fantastic photographic images for many of the carnivals which we have attended over the years. He remains a good friend to Utopia Mas.


Example of his work can be found in our gallery and his website. martin@photocollins.com



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