Putting the class back into mas

Utopia Creative Arts is the brain child of husband and wife David and Judith Brown. They believe that Utopia is the creation of new and imaginative designs – bringing together families, creating new friendships and bringing carnival to the community. Utopia Mas is a young feeling band initially starting off as a children’s band and has now expanded to adults as well. Utopia Mas is a subsidiary of Utopia Creative Creative Arts that concentrates solely on creating carnival costumes.


We at Utopia have over 30 years experience in carnival arts. Each year we choose a theme that we bring to life in costume form, using the most current date gems, trimmings and fabrics. We also specialise in creating large scale king and queen sized costumes.


We provide the journey and the opportunity to learn about carnival and its birth. We provide the opportunity to see and learn how carnival costumes are made via our workshops.


Our workshops are tailor made to suit the needs of the client (schools) in terms of group size, age and ability. We try to make our workshops fun and exciting introducing learners into the history of carnival and the music of carnival (Soca), whilst introducing a relaxed and sociable environment for learning.

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